Back to School Outfit Ideas! (Back-to-School Series 2017)

Hello everyone!  It is almost the most exciting time of the year… back-to-school!  As much as I love summer and hate homework, there comes a point in late July/ early August where I get tired of days lounging around being unproductive.  I like being busy and having goals, and I’ve always liked school (mostly for the school supplies, but who doesn’t?).  This back-to-school season is especially exciting for me because I’m starting college!  A LOT is about to change.  I have also worn a uniform for the past eight years, and although it was nice to never have to pick out what to wear in the morning, I’m excited about the freedom to dress how I please at all hours of the day!

Something that is very difficult during this season is the switch from summer to autumn and how to dress for it.  It’s still hot, but it becomes less and less appropriate to wear tank tops and shorts all the time.  I am about to witness Texas in August which I know will not be pleasant.  With that being said, today I will be sharing with you some outfit ideas for the first weeks of classes!  I tried to keep most of the outfits pretty breezy while sticking to fall colors such as olive green, red, gray, black, etc.  All of these outfits are appropriate to wear to class for the most part, and if you’re in high school and you have a strict dress code, add your own twist to one of the outfits.

Also, some of the pieces that I’m showing you guys are not still available, but I will link the ones that are down at the bottom of the page.  Take this as advice: you don’t need to buy an entirely new wardrobe to head back to school in style!  Combine your old faves with your new ones!

The Dressy Option:

The Boyfriend Option:

The Graphic Option:

The Off-the-Shoulder Option:

The Skirt Option:

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