How to Mix-and-Match with your Roommate (Feat. PB Dorm)

If you scroll through Pinterest in August, you see endless photos of perfectly coordinated dorm rooms. It has become tradition in the South, particularly, to get together with your roommate before move-in to pick out matching bedding in order to create your perfect freshman year oasis. You guys know I did! But, what do you do if you and your roommate have different ideas on what you want your room to look like?

Mixing and matching your bedding is the perfect way to accommodate you and your roommates’ unique personalities! I’ve partnered with PB Dorm to show you exactly how to do this…

First off, I recommend sticking with the same color scheme. Here, my froomie (which means “future roomie,” for those of you who don’t know) followed a blue color scheme. The room will look uniform while still accommodating you and your roomie’s tastes.

Secondly, I highly recommend using as many layers as possible – different throw pillows, blankets, etc. Having layers gives the illusion that you have been acquiring all of these pieces over a period of time.

Lastly, personalize! The whole point of a mix-and-match is to show off of your unique personality! Add a monogram pillow like this one or a pillow with your Greek letters on it.

If you guys ever need any sort of advice planning your future dorm room, please reach out to me! I love decorating and have become super passionate about it since moving into my dorm. Also, make sure to check out PB Teen’s new line of dorm décor!

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