My Resolutions for 2021!

While I think New Years Eve is vastly overrated, I love the fresh start that the new year brings. And although resolutions may seem pointless to some, I love them! I like setting my standards high for the year in hopes of manifesting at least some of the items on my list.

Whether it’s your first time writing resolutions or you just need some inspo for your own list, I wanted to share with you all some things that came to my mind. I also want to point out that even if I don’t achieve these goals exactly how I want to, that’s OKAY! They’re called goals for a reason. Going along with my second resolution, I’m not going to beat myself up for not checking off all of these boxes at the end of 2021.

Read one book per month

I know for a fact that this is going to be a challenge for me because my schedule is always crazy, but I absolutely love to read. I feel like there is an endless list of books that I want to tackle in my life, and I need to start working on it! Even if I don’t read exactly one book per month, I want to have a book that I’m reading every month. I’m currently reading All the Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church, and the next on my list is The Defining Decade by Meg Jay.

Learn to forgive myself

This year I’ve learned that I’m so mean to myself! I’m great at forgiving other people, so this year I want to learn to forgive myself. Recently, one of my friends shared with me some advice her therapist gave her: Imagine yourself as a child. Would you say all of the negative things about yourself to that small child? No. You would protect them and build them up. As someone who constantly struggles with body image, this really stuck with me.

Move my body at least 3 times per week

Luckily, this semester I signed up to take Power Yoga once a week as a credit for school, so that checks off one day I know I will get my ass to the gym. I just want to clarify something: I don’t think being skinny leads to happiness. When I was the skinniest I have ever been in college, I was anxiety-ridden and on the verge of depression. And I was only skinny because I was hardly eating. I do think that when I exercise, my body and my mind become more connected, and that’s when I feel most at peace with myself.

Nourish my body but also savor the good stuff

I really want to make a conscious effort to eat foods that nourish my body in some way. I do NOT want to go keto or try some crazy diet (no offense if you want to — you do you), but I want to remind myself that my body is a machine, and it will only run as well as what I put into it. With that being said … I’m never going to stop loving pasta, queso, mac n cheese and popcorn, and I don’t want to hate myself every time I eat one of those things. I want to treat my body well and remember to nourish my soul every now and then with my favorite foods.

Work hard + Relax hard

Fall 2020 was insanely difficult for me. I was in 18 hours worth of courses at school, working working 12+ hours per week and leading two organizations on campus. I really overworked myself and rarely let myself fully relax — I was always thinking about the next thing I needed to do. I’m doing a lot less this semester, and I want to focus on letting myself completely decompress. Then, I will do better when I need to get back to work. I’m also terrible at saying “no,” which needs to change.

Get a freaking job!!!

If anyone who works in publishing, content creation, advertising, or fashion is looking for a new employee, hire me!! All jokes aside, this is obviously one goal on this list that I need to cross off my the end of the year — or else my parents will not be very pleased. I also need to remember to stay calm and not let the imminent rejection get to me. It is tough to get a job right now, and I certainly will not be the only one struggling to find one.

Make my conversations more meaningful

This may just be me feeling sentimental about graduating in May, but I want to make sure to nourish all of my relationships — especially those with my friends at school. We may never be all in one place every again, and these are relationships that I want to last.

Drink more water

This is very self-explanatory, but ya girl is always dehydrated. I had this amazing water bottle from Amazon that had times of the day written on it, and I lost it. I just ordered a new one, so this resolution will be off to a good start!

Say “I love you” often and mean it

In a year full of so much turmoil, heartache, grief and sadness, keeping loved ones close has never been more important. I have been really lucky that I haven’t had anyone close to me seriously affected by COVID-19, and my heart breaks for everyone who has lost loved ones due to this awful virus. 2020 serves as a reminder to make sure people that you love know that you love them and remind them often. Life is too short to leave anything left unsaid!

Thank you to everyone who has followed me throughout this year! Sharing fashion inspo, beauty tips and my life with you guys is something I really love doing, so thank you all for coming along on this journey.



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