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I have been loving podcasts. I liked them before quarantine started, but I think that I have since so little human interaction nowadays, podcasts are how my extroverted self satisfies the desire for communication with another living being — that isn’t in a Zoom classroom. Here are some of my faves!

The Morning Toast

If you aren’t listening to The Toast, what are you doing? I don’t know why the HELL it took me so long to listen to this show! It is entertaining, and I feel like Jackie and Claudia are my best friends (I WISH). If you need a pop culture fix, definitely give this one a listen.

We Bought A House with Claudia Sulewski & Finneas

I’ve been watching Claudia Sulewski on YouTube for YEARS, and I was SO EXCITED when she and her bf started this podcast (which was literally last week — thank me later). They are so precious but so wise considering they are only 22 and 23. This is so weird, but I just look up to them a lot! They’re very inspiring but still light-hearted and funny.

Up and Vanished

I binged the first season of this one on my drive home a couple weeks ago. I never have gotten into Serial or My Favorite Murder — not sure why because everyone and their mom loves them. Up and Vanished gets me my crime/ serial killer fix (don’t act like you don’t have it too). It has since become a show on Oxygen, so you can watch too if you prefer that.

Mood with Lauren Elizabeth

I have also been watching Lauren Elizabeth on YouTube for years (she’s friends with Claudia Sulewski), and I love her because she is so authentic. This podcast is really good to listen to as a twenty-something. Really great guests, interesting convos, and all-around hilarious!

Call Her Daddy

Ah, yes. The most controversial of podcasts. I’ve listened to this one for a while, and, personally, I think Sofia and Alex are wildly entertaining. A lot of people can’t handle the raunchiness of this one, but you can’t take it too seriously. If you need a good laugh, definitely listen to this!

The Goop Podcast

I find the whole Goop enterprise very hocus pocus-y, but I really like the podcast. A lot of the guests are super inspiring and … calming? Weird, I know, but their voices are strangely very soothing. This one is super motivating and uplifting!



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