Probably THE Trendiest Skirt You’ve Ever Seen…

I follow a brand called “Reverse” on Instagram, and a couple weeks ago, I saw this skirt on their feed.  And died.  I thought it was THE CUTEST skirt I had ever seen in my life (and still currently think it is).  Reverse is a wholesale brand, so I found the skirt on an adorable Australian website called!  I had never shopped on that site before but ended up browsing around and seeing a bunch of cute stuff for great prices!  This is a great website if you’re looking for clothes for college, rush, or just wanting to revamp your closet in general!  The shipping is also pretty reasonable considering it comes for across the world.  For me, shipping and handling fees only ended up being about $10!  I was very excited about that.  Also, keep in mind that the prices on their website look a little more expensive than they truly are because they are in AUD.

Alright, let’s talk Gingham and Embroidery.  I am completely and utterly obsessed with these two trends.  My mom has always told me that trends come in waves.  And she’s right!  Gingham and Embroidery have been around for hundreds of years, and I find it exciting to see them both back in the fashion industry the way that they are.  I also really love mixed patterns, and on this skirt, they compliment each other very well.  The touches of flowers on the sides add a certain je ne sais quoi and make it infinitely more feminine and flirty. Here are some gingham and embroidery pieces I found that I absolutely love:

So many times, I’ve seen people afraid to express themselves through fashion because of the opinions of others.  I’ve felt that way myself too!  Although it is hard to completely rule out that factor, never be afraid to take risks in fashion.  Your style is exactly that — yours.  Follow the trends or set them. If you are comfortable in something, then it works!  Fashion is a way to express ourselves, and people will admire you for being yourself and for being comfortable enough in your own skin to show who you are in that way.  I don’t know how to say this without sounding extremely cheesy, but BE TRUE TO YOURSELF — in fashion and in life!


Photos by McClain Portis

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Header Photos by McClain Portis.